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What do my patients say?

“I'm going to be honest here. Dr Devika is the most beautiful and sweetest doc I have ever come across. When I first entered I was so scared of facing her but the way she welcomed me turned all my fear into a smile. She had all the solutions for each problem I had. She behaved like a best friend to me which made me so comfortable. Talking about her experience and work, I must say its outstanding. Didn't have to face any side effects.”


“Dr.devika is a very good listener, she ease half of our problem just by her positive approach. I was suffering since one year and visited many doctors but none could recognise the cause (i visited 4 doctors before her). Then I came to know about Dr. Devika chopra. I visited her 10 days before, thought she was getting late she examined me ******** and diagnosed the root cause. She prescribed me 15 day course and I'm already feeling better after a week. She not just prescribes med but treats mentally. I would highly recommend her as she is the perfect blend of all the qualities required to treat a patient. She is also available through messages and concerns to know about the status of healing.”

Sakina Shakir Patrawala

“Dr Devika Chopra is a brilliant doctor. I highly recommend her for all the gynaecology related issues. I have had an excellent experience of her during complete pregnancy tenure. She is always available for any doubt, that was the biggest advantage. She is friendly, approachable, ************** **** positive energy and good listener. The treatment has been great through out andthere was no unnecessary prescription of medicine. It was complet stress free treatment. *** *** *** **** ******* ** ***** **** ****** I always felt refreshing visiting it. At the clinic there is no waiting time for patients for patients with prior appointment. I will recommend Dr Devika Chopra to all my family and friends.”

Kavita Pawar

“Highly dependable, highly contactable, highly caring and most of all very easy to talk/ share. I started visiting Dr. Devika Chopra with a bad history of mis- carriage on my back and was sacred as well as concerned with my ongoing pregnancy. She, from my first visit itself was so patient, helpful and concerned. This attitude continued not only till my delivery but even now as well. Now I am mother a baby girl and she seems more happy to hold my baby. It’s impossible to explain your goodness and professionalism in words, still Thank you doc.. You are one of the few gems who genuinely take care of their patients to an extent even beyond expectations of patient herself . Even though I have successfully delivered and your task is over still your love and care towards me and the baby continues. Your early detection of Sugar n Polyhydroamnios was a master stroke. Can’t thank you enough through words but Still Thanks a lot Dr. Devika😊😊”

Neelam Kumari

“Dr. Chopra is one of the finest women I've ever met. It goes without saying that she's excellent at what she does. She's a patient listener, a wise advisor, an excellent mentor and a gem of a person. Her patients are indeed her friends. The level of comfort you share with her is unlike any other. She offers promt solutions to your problems and is available for guidance 24x7. Now that is rare to find. A friend for a doctor and solutions to all your gynae issues under one roof- what more does a person need? Here's to all the lovely ladies experiencing anything uncomfortable. Just breathe and see her once. I vouch for it that you'll come home relieved. 5/5 stars *****”


“The one thing which stands out about Dr.Devika is her ability to put a patient at ease first and always willing to listen out even the minutest of details. She is one of those few doctors who is always approachable, even at odd hours. Have had several moments of crisis, which could have easily led to panic, had it not been for her effective diagnosis in that situation. She has good knowledge of her field & is also meticulous. Have been consulting her for over 3 months now. She runs a very professional outfit in South Mumbai and would highly recommend her as a professional gynaecologist.”

Malini Ghosh

“I went to Dr Devika because I had PCOS and was trying to conceive. She is an extremely rational and practical doctor who understands your problems, lifestyle and accordingly consults. She has an up-to-date perspective of things and encourages a normal method of conceiving and is there to guide you through it. The plus is that Dr Devika is approachable at any time on the phone or for a consultation and when my pregnancy was confirmed she even opened her clinic for me on a sunday. From her clinic perspective, she respects appointment timings and never keeps you waiting for long hours (a big plus when you need to get back to work or a meeting) and clean and hygienic equipment and facilities.”


“I have been going to Dr. Devika for consultation for over two years now and without a doubt she is the best gynecologist I have had so far. She is a very friendly and approachable doctor. I never hesitate to discuss any (relevant) medical issues that I need help with and on her part, she ensures that she explains everything to me in detail so I am fully aware of the issue as well as the treatment. I have recommended Dr. Devika to all my friends - most of who now consult with her. :)”

Kruti Venkatesh

“Dr. Devika Chopra is extremely warm, very courteous * ************** I have been consulting her for almost a month now & undergoing treatment. She has had a lot of patience to answer all my queries (even at odd hours). Extremely gentle. Is available round the clock. Her ways are very meticulous. Her clinic is state of the art and is very clean.”

Shreya G

“We will continue going to live as long as their debtor. we got 4 doctors treatment since past 4 years but, got no success. Dr. devika is an honest & sociable doctor and she always advised me right at any time which was very beneficial to me. our last hope was Hope clinic, which was really successful. if you have been disappointed after going all over the place, then this is our opinion that you should definitely meet dr. Devika once.”


“Dr. Devika is great with patients and puts you at complete ease. I instantly felt very comfortable around her - which is not always easy to find, especially with a gynaec. She makes an effort to understand your circumstances well, and tailors her treatment accordingly. She's meticulous and also responds very promptly to any queries or difficulties one may face. I'd strongly recommend Dr. Devika.”


“I was looking for a younger doctor with expertise & experience with whom I could speak freely. Dr. Chopra made me feel comfortable which was important to me. She is approachable & a great listener. She treats her patients with great care.The clinic has the latest equipment and technology, very clean!! It is nicely done and mostly it's welcoming!”

Pooja Shah

“As a foreigner leaving in india, I always find it difficult to find a doctor who explains you in details what he is doing and what's happening. Dr chopra is the one who is totally how I expect a doctor to be. Always available, always explaining the situation and listening to the patient. I am very very happy with her and I recommend to any women to go consult her if she needs answer.”

Lynne Allaham

“We are French couple living in Mumbai, I went to see Devika with my wife many times.Devika is really a very ******* *** highly professional doctor, She is always available, helpful and understand how to explain complicated things in simple words. I really recommend Devika Chopra as one of the most outstanding gynecologist and fertility specialist in Mumbai”

Sam Chmarkh

“The doctor sat with me and my husband for a good amount of time even though her waiting room outside was full. She answered all my queries and gave me diet advice . *** ***** **** ************* *** knows what she is doing . Unlike others from her profession she doesn't hide anything as is very approachable on phone or in person . Her clinic ambience is very positive and surely reflects her radiant personality. I recommend her to others and have already done so to close family and friends .”

Ankita Parab

“The best thing about Dr Devika is that she makes the patient feel so comfortable and warm with her pleasant and positive vibes. The way things were explained to me about the treatment was perfect which shows she is extremely experienced and knows what exactly to offer. The ambience of the clinic is good and is hygienic. Also to mention that dr Devika chopra is extremely beautiful and very kind. Would totally recommend this to others”


“Dr Devika is humble and extremely cooperative. She is very knowledgeable person. She didn't hurry up and very patient. Her very friendly nature makes a patient easy to explain the problem.she attained my query 24/7. She is extremely pleasant and courteous... Very well equipped clinic. I have never seen a doctor like her....”

Purnima Sharma

“Doctor Devika is extremely helpful and informative at a time as tense and stressful as this. She took the right decisions at the right time giving me a lot of hope for this cycle. If that was not good enough, her facility is extremely clean and well maintained with a good level of privacy maintained for a procedure like this. Both me and my husband are greatful to have been introduced to her!”

Mridula Pillai Gudekar

“Dr Devika Chopra is very kind to communicate *** **** ******* *** *** ** ********* ** **** *** she made very easy to deal me with my health problems. I would really appreciate her, for replying instantly for queries required for my problems . Really glad being treated by Dr Devika Chopra :)”

Sheetal Dabhi

“I would mention the fact and straight feedback for Dr. Devika chopra in just a line- ' I definitely recommend her' I am not an easy person when it comes to giving feedbacks. She is approachable & will consult/ guide you over phone as well. I have PCOS and getting treated for it. She patiently lends her ears towards your concerns and explains comprehensively.”

Nikita Dharia

“She explained to me all factors about infertility and asked me very relevant questions . I also felt at ease talking to her and My husband is also very happy with her approach and explanation . She is very kind and understands the mental state of the patient and is non judgemental about the same . I recommend her to everyone”

Devi Lodha

“Dr. Devika really helped me understand the issue and provided the solution to it without scaring me off. She was quite friendly and easy to talk to and that’s something I really liked about her. It’s important to find that comfort with your doctor, it just makes the process a lot earlier. She is really helpful too when it comes to solving your queries and answers them whenever you ask them.”


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