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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

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Intrauterine insemination, also known as donor insemination, is a fertility procedure. To assist fertilisation, male sperm is placed directly within a woman's uterus. This shortens the sperm's journey and guides it to the egg for transfusion. We Provide the Best IUI Treatment in Tardeo. The goal of IUI is to increase the number of sperms that reach the fallopian tubes, increasing the chances of fertilisation. Women with severe endometriosis or a history of pelvic adhesions should avoid this treatment.

IUI Technique: When is it used?

our doctors who provide the IUI treatment in tardeo says that The most prevalent reasons for IUI are a low sperm count or impaired sperm movement. However, it may also be a therapy option in the following conditions :

  • Unexplained infertility
  • When a cervical issue, such as a cervical mucus problem, prevents pregnancy.
  • Cervical scar tissue from previous treatments may impede sperm entry into the uterus.
  • Ejaculation dysfunction during ovulation induction
  • IUI Risks

    After an IUI procedure, some women may feel cramps or minor vaginal bleeding, according to our IUI Expert doctor with the best treatment in Tardeo. The likelihood of pregnancy is unaffected by these symptoms, which typically subside in a few days. A rare occurrence is infection following an IUI, while it is possible. Fever, chills, pelvic pain, and foul-smelling vaginal discharge are all indications of infection.Multiple pregnancies are also a risk for women who use ovulation inducers (twins or more). difficulties with the child's development

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