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What Dr. Devika Chopra who is one of the Best Pregnancy check-up treatment in tardeo has to say regarding pregnancy is When you initially learned you were pregnant, you should schedule your first prenatal checkup appointment. Your medical history will be logged and a general health examination will be performed during your first prenatal or antenatal appointment. Your height, weight, and blood pressure will be taken in order to calculate your body mass index (BMI). To rule out any existing heart or respiratory issues, a systemic examination will be performed. You will receive advice on early pregnancy tips, diet, and lifestyle you need to follow during your pregnancy for a healthy kid.

Schedule of typical prenatal appointments

Depending on when you found out you're pregnant and the time of your first checkup, you'll usually have More than 15 visits throughout one typical pregnancy. You can anticipate having prenatal visits at the following intervals in the majority of complications-free pregnancies:

  • 4 to 28 week: once per month
  • 28 to 36 weeks: every alternate week
  • 36 weeks until delivery: each week

  • Pregnancy complications like preeclampsia are more likely to occur during the third trimester, therefore prenatal visits become more frequent. Your doctor will want to measure your weight, belly size, and other factors more periodically in the final trimester of pregnancy because problems with your baby's growth also frequently manifest later in pregnancy. Dr.Devika's Hope Clinic Is top pregnancy treatment clinic in Tardeo.

    What should I do if a positive pregnancy test comes back? If you take a pregnancy test after skipping your period and the result is positive, you are pregnant, according to Dr. Devika Chopra, who runs the top pregnancy check-up clinic in Tardeo. If you want, you can always take another test to be sure. They will discuss with you about your options for having a baby and assist in getting you the treatment you needed. A crisis pregnancy centre might not provide you with accurate information about your pregnancy and all of your alternatives, so be careful not to visit one.

    Pregnancy's first three months can be extremely stressful. Recognize the adjustments you may go through and how to take care of yourself at this exciting period. The main goals of your initial visit will be to evaluate your general health, identify any risk factors, and ascertain the gestational age of your unborn child. Also Your doctor will enquire in great depth about your medical history. Be truthful. Plan a private consultation if you feel uncomfortable sharing your medical history with your partner. Expect to learn about the first-trimester chromosomal abnormality screening as well.Read Our Articles For More Information Also, Dr. Devika's hope clinic is one of the best Pregnancy checkup in tardeo.

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